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K-Guare's News

Posted by K-Guare - February 24th, 2014

I have a lot of great memories on this website! I lurk every now and then to catch up. I'm all grown up now; I'm a junior at UCF studying Computer Science. I whole-heartedly believe that if it weren't for the expierence I had programming Flash games on here in high school, I wouldn't have the upper hand in CS that I have for my age.

From making my first tutorial, to making a daily feature, to winning Top 5 in the month, to modding my own collab with friends, to sort-of helping (sorry Tom) mod the icons for the redesign, I wanted to thank Newgrounds for being such a great creative environment back in the day (and still!)

I will likely not post any more games, but I always think about getting back into Flash and starting up a new project. Maybe one day I'll give in, and relive the satisfaction of seeing my own project go through the portal.

Thank you, Newgrounds.


Posted by K-Guare - September 8th, 2010

I've made two new games,
Rosie Likes Popsicles and

And it doesn't matter which one you click,
right now they're both sitting at about the same score.
Shameless self promotionnnnnnnnnnnnnn. ._.

One took months, and one took two weeks.
Can you guess which one is which? ;)

/* */

Posted by K-Guare - January 16th, 2010

I've lost the pen for my graphics tablet. I was using this pen, too. It's lost now. I have no idea where this pen might be. I was actually doing work with it, too. But it's lost now. I'm not sure where to look. It was being used by me for the artwork of new games I'm making. But it's now been lost. I'm unsure of where I can find it. I was making cool games with it, actually. Seven cool games to be exact. But now I can't, because it appears to be gone now. If there were a place I could think of to look for it, not only would I have already looked there, but it would most definitely still be lost. I was using said pen as well, and buying a replacement would just mean I'd accept the fact that I'm incapable of finding it. But I suppose at some point I'm going to have to stoop to that level, because it is actually actually lost. I don't know where it is. It's gone, gone, gone. Gone like Wind. Gone like old school hip-hop. Gone like the Holy Grail. Gone like my work ethic. Gone.

/* */
kg loves you.

Posted by K-Guare - October 28th, 2009

I wonder what would happen if I stopped typing in paragraphs... Been thinking about it lately, and it doesn't seem like half bad of an idea. Mainly because with the iPhone screen, or any case where text is jumbled together in a very narrow TextField, it looks a heck of a lot better like this.

But I'll keep considering, and doubting doing that. :)
Let's cut to the chase, I want you to do something for me.
Yes, you: registered Newgrounds user reading this.

I want you to briefly describe yourself.
That's all, just tell me about yourself.

/* */
Feel free to comment, I always reply. :)
kg. <3

Posted by K-Guare - September 27th, 2009

For the first time in a while, I can say the following with a straight face:

I'm making something, and I'm excited about how it's going to come out.
Flash, that is. K-Guare a'int no one hit wonder ladies and gentlemen.
By the way, "That game" has been finished, but is probably never going to be released.
Just in case you were wondering.


/* */
I'm thought about getting a Twitter, but my name is taken.

Side Note: Photography is a great substitute when
you don't want to draw things for your userpage. :3

Side Note 2: I said "I am thought about getting a Twitter" above.
I'm going to leave it there in an attempt to learn how to accept
my own personal imperfections.

Posted by K-Guare - August 9th, 2009

You shouldn't be on Newgrounds,
you should be working on your PO3 submission.
You know, you've been behind for some time now...

Look at me when I'm talking to you, please...
You really need to set your priorities,
I'm getting tired of your bullshit here.

Go do it, son. I'm counting on you.
:] <3 :D :3 kg.

I'll be back in a while.

/* */

Posted by K-Guare - March 30th, 2009

The game is about as close to done as it was the previous news post,
If anybody has any suggestions as to how you force yourself to do
work you don't want to do, let me know please. :]

FAB COLLAB Parts are almost due, which
means only one thing: It's almost here!
I may extend the due date just a little, but
I'm not planning on it. If you're reading this and
you're involved, or if you want to be involved,
Post it up, and hurry!

I've officially started working on the next MindFeed.
It will be in the portal on July 27th, the date I submitted
the first one. That's all I want to say. :3

MONTH or so ago, and I'm really glad I wrote it down because
I probably would have forgotten it trying to get this current
game finished. Hopefully it will be a full fledged game.
And fun. It will also feature the artwork of your favorite artist, K-Guare.
I know, right?!

By the way, the website is going to be down for a bit.
I made a prototype main page for it, it's nothing too special,
but it gets the job done. I plan on improving it massively this year,
login, forums, and everything. Well, maybe not. But one thing
I can promise you is that it will be at least visually appealing.
I have a navigation idea for it too; it's different and neat. :3
But what I REALLY need to do is
find myself a brand new lover.

/* */
Show some love via comment, please.
Thanks a lot.
No, really. I mean it.
I love you.
Oh, you stop it. ;)
What? I'm the one with the emotional problems?
Alright, I take it all back. I love you still.
Does this make me look fat?
Wrong answer.
I can't believe you cheated on me!
Maybe tomorrow we can bump nasties again.
No, I don't want to meet your parents.
So, your parents seem nice.
What is it about football you guys enjoy, anyhow?
Stop touching me there, I'm not in the mood.
Maybe tomorrow we can bump nasties again.
Why don't you just get off the fucking couch and get a job.
Okay, yesterday I was thinking...and, I cant put up with this. :/
I do.

kg. <3

Posted by K-Guare - February 26th, 2009

I've been working on "That Game" forever now, and
It seems I've lost a lot of motivation for it.
It's so close to being finished, I pretty much have to release it.
But lately I've been thinking about completely
starting over with it.

It wouldn't be that bad of an idea...
Since I already did a lot of it, It wouldn't be as hard
to think of how to code the more difficult parts of it.
And it'd be a little more efficient too;
you almost always score higher on a test that
you take for the second time.
Start over? Suck it up and finish? Or just abandon?

Oh well, let's get those thoughts out of my head
and replace them with happier...much happier thoughts.
And by happy, I mean The Fab Collab!
Yep, I'm finally hosting a collab
along with MichaelHurst and Duchednier.
If you think you're fab enough, go ahead and join. :]
I think as of right now we're pretty good on the number of people,
but the more the merrier. We'd be happy to take you.

In other news, two days ago I photoshopped my head onto
an abercrombie and fitch model. Impressed? :]

Also, the last couple songs I've put in my newsposts have
been taken out by copyright claim. Listen to this before it's gone. :]
I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing this song in Ferris95's part:

/* */
kg. <3

Posted by K-Guare - February 2nd, 2009

Until the official name of the game is (officially) decided and released,
the game currently in development will be referred to as "That Game."

If you didn't already know, it takes me forever to do anything.
Flash games are no different, no matter how good at flash I get. :]
The good news is, it's for a good reason.
I've been trying to gather some information on how I can improve
"That Game" where it stands right now.
I'd say it's currently 80% done, a little more things to add,
a lot more minor tweaks to make, and I'm thinking I need
a lot more soul in there too...

That's right, i make soul games. :]
Their like soul food, but less tasty and a lot more interactive.

The style of it seems good, but i don't want it to be too much like MindFeed.
Speaking of style, I stumbled upon an awesome ambient audio artist
named VegetarianMeat, and I think a couple of his songs would match
perfectly with the style of "That Game."


For the most part I believe people don't thoroughly read
news posts and other blog-like posts like this, and just
skip to the video/picture at the very bottom. Partially because
it's something I do on a regular basis. :3
So if you're still reading, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. :]

OOP? Nah brah, I stick with the O.P.P.

/* */
kg <3

Posted by K-Guare - January 11th, 2009


I've got some pretty high hopes for my website,
hopefully i can make a nice setup for it and
put some cool flash puzzle games on there.
Because i think a flash game website dedicated
to puzzle games would be freaking awesome.

And forums too, yay!
My friend (who hosts the site,) and i are learning PHP.
I think we'll start off with just a standard phpBB forum,
and after we learn enough we'll try to make one on our own?
Oh well, web development has always been something I've fancied,
hopefully the site will be a good one?


/* */
kg <3

P.S. I'm going offline for a week. Buh byez. :3