Entry #31

My final "Thank You" to Newgrounds

2014-02-24 00:23:04 by K-Guare

I have a lot of great memories on this website! I lurk every now and then to catch up. I'm all grown up now; I'm a junior at UCF studying Computer Science. I whole-heartedly believe that if it weren't for the expierence I had programming Flash games on here in high school, I wouldn't have the upper hand in CS that I have for my age.

From making my first tutorial, to making a daily feature, to winning Top 5 in the month, to modding my own collab with friends, to sort-of helping (sorry Tom) mod the icons for the redesign, I wanted to thank Newgrounds for being such a great creative environment back in the day (and still!)

I will likely not post any more games, but I always think about getting back into Flash and starting up a new project. Maybe one day I'll give in, and relive the satisfaction of seeing my own project go through the portal.

Thank you, Newgrounds.


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2014-02-24 01:40:18

There is nothing childish about what you used to do, silly.

Always create! Always improve!


2014-02-24 10:48:24

I look forward to when and if you ever submit something again. Hope you can continue to enjoy life. :)


2014-02-24 13:44:11

See ya shorty :3


2014-02-25 10:16:39

Thanks for all you've contributed to Newgrounds!
Wish you luck man!


2014-03-10 22:40:50

good luck man
show the world what you've got. :)


2014-10-20 21:53:23

You're a cool dude k-guare

K-Guare responds:

Thanks a lot, friend. You too.


2015-04-26 16:04:42